David Wenzel Actor
David Wenzel is a two time AOKA National full contact Karate Champion!

Film Director/Producer

Film Director/Producer

David Wenzel was born in Methuen, Massachusetts and came to NYC to study acting. David studied martial arts all his life and is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Issin-Ryu Okinawa Karate and holds three national titles. He also boxed professionally. He has appeared in a variety of TV series, films, and daytime serials, including Rescue Me, New Amsterdam, Extreme Forensics, and Lipstick Jungle. David’s film work includes Old Dogs and Duck Hunt (In Trouble Zone Productions) to name only a few. He has worked on and off as Brad Pitt’s stand-in/photo double for the last ten years, beginning with the film Sleepers. Through his extensive experience David has cultivated working relationships with the likes of Fisher Stevens,, Scott Ruden, Jace Alexander, and the great cinematographer, Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki.

Think Tank, written by David’s brother, Kevin Wenzel, was conceived when David called Kevin from the set of the Cohen Brothers film Burn After Reading. David and Kevin had once discussed writing a series based on the concept of Domestic Surveillance and the CIA. David told Kevin, “if we don’t write something ourselves I’m never going to make it in this industry.” As has always been true for David in his acting career, when the right opportunity didn’t present itself, he created it.

David Wenzel has taught Acting for Film & TV for adult actors in NYC for over 15 years. He offers affordable classes for film/tv with Agent/Manager/Casting Director showcases.